I Bought EVERY Samsung Product 🤦‍♂️

No, Samsung definitely didn’t sponsor this stupid idea of a video.
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  • If you don’t subscribe you’ll be forced to use Bixby for seven years 💀

    Austin EvansAustin EvansPrieš 7 mėnesių
    • Stfu

    • I don’t have a problem with that

    • I am using it and I master it who's laughing now

      PhantomLord 560PhantomLord 560Prieš 16 dienų
    • I ant using bixby bruda

      KeeKzKeeKzPrieš 17 dienų
    • I have a phone with Bixby and its not that bad,

      David Escobar-AlfaroDavid Escobar-AlfaroPrieš 22 dienas
  • Yeah, I just own a Samsung smartphone and my PC has a Samsung 970 Pro M.2 don't like tying myself into one company. Unless they do have really good interconnection between peripherals like iCue from Corsair, or Logitech Hub is nice too. Best to have the flexibility of just bouncing around for the best brand that can offer more, and not lock yourself into one company like Apple.

    Draken XDraken XPrieš 4 dienas
  • Samsung is so savage for not sponsoring this vid

    Aaditya KcAaditya KcPrieš 4 dienas
  • whats the song name

    Dhruv PatelDhruv PatelPrieš 4 dienas
  • How about all models of all products rather then just these few

    35 Tan Ze Qi35 Tan Ze QiPrieš 5 dienų
  • SSD

    35 Tan Ze Qi35 Tan Ze QiPrieš 5 dienų
  • 8:14 nice ruby wallpaper ken

    Joseph cavagnaroJoseph cavagnaroPrieš 5 dienų
  • I'm watching this on my samsumg DEX

    Joseph cavagnaroJoseph cavagnaroPrieš 5 dienų
  • Austin:“I’m gonna buy every Samsung product” Me: I can smell your Mr Austin Evans Audience:laughing

    Dark Gaming Zone YTDark Gaming Zone YTPrieš 5 dienų
  • samsung makes tanks

    Shopping cartShopping cartPrieš 5 dienų
  • JANUARY 14th 2021 Ah Memories

    Thomas Fan 2021Thomas Fan 2021Prieš 6 dienų
  • I like Bixby so I am not subscribing. JK I love your videos.

    karunamay mohantakarunamay mohantaPrieš 6 dienų
  • LG is shaking lol

    TechnobeatTVTechnobeatTVPrieš 6 dienų
  • I feel like it's better using samsung than apple cuz if u open like any apple devices u can find samsung everywhere lol

    ComradeAlComradeAlPrieš 6 dienų
  • Samsung ship?samsung tank?samsung artilery?

    Muffine OPMuffine OPPrieš 7 dienų
  • You forgot the fridge and the dishwasher and the stove

    LukeSoloSkywalkerLukeSoloSkywalkerPrieš 8 dienų
  • You missed one thing you missed the Samsung phone connector to make a monitor a computer screen running on Samsung software

    mystery designermystery designerPrieš 8 dienų
  • Dude's click baiting so hard tho, no Samsung fridge, washing machine or dryer

    Jimmy McGillJimmy McGillPrieš 8 dienų
  • did my research on Bixby Dr and Foothill Blvd i also used references from the 99 cent store behind u went on google maps and google earth so your in La Verne CA

    KaiosOn75hzKaiosOn75hzPrieš 9 dienų
  • Do it with apple next

    Nahim WasitNahim WasitPrieš 9 dienų
  • Bro you should be more familiar than linus

    Ishak KhazaalIshak KhazaalPrieš 11 dienų
  • The taco ell shirt tho

    Yandel ChevauxYandel ChevauxPrieš 14 dienų
  • If you want to know what the song he was listening to is called all my friends by madeon

    Xbox360efan GamingXbox360efan GamingPrieš 14 dienų
  • 6:45 he looks like a best buy employee

    Chrysalis35 gamingChrysalis35 gamingPrieš 14 dienų
  • Why did you not buy their tank

    Miguel LMiguel LPrieš 15 dienų
  • Buy a shirt that fits you

    clearer cartonclearer cartonPrieš 15 dienų
  • Did you buy their military equipment no ,did you buy their clothes no,

    clearer cartonclearer cartonPrieš 15 dienų
  • The dislike are the apple people

    philipaphilipaPrieš 16 dienų
  • Samsung better pay Austin

    Turbo PoweredTurbo PoweredPrieš 16 dienų
  • Hid the product in the middle of a street so no one sees it.

    Vexing ClawVexing ClawPrieš 16 dienų
  • Where are all the phones?

    IceCrystal 009IceCrystal 009Prieš 18 dienų
  • 8:23 scott the woz in the corner of the LTclub

    JankesjtJankesjtPrieš 19 dienų
  • no phones? No pcs?

    salesman . comsalesman . comPrieš 19 dienų
  • My personal favourite Samsung product is the second generation z flip

    SF CrankSF CrankPrieš 19 dienų
  • You have a button to make bixby listem imidiatly

    David gamerDavid gamerPrieš 19 dienų
  • Tech Tip: when searching for ltt videos just search tip.

    YellowYellowPrieš 20 dienų
  • He missed out on the Samsung fridge, Samsung Life Insurance, and Samsung Motors (yes they exist, but only in Korea)

    Kei AngelusKei AngelusPrieš 21 dieną
  • 1:57 when the computer teacher asked me and my friends what her favorite websites are

    Nico1159Nico1159Prieš 21 dieną
  • me: Why the fuck switch to the Samsung ecosystem. Then realizing I own a Samsung phone and a lot of their products.

    The man from marsThe man from marsPrieš 22 dienas
  • it's a Shame than Samsung Rejected his request to sponsor this video, Samsung is now following the apple strategy just Greedy for money

    Muneer FaizalMuneer FaizalPrieš 22 dienas
  • Ngl samsung is good

    Sam HardySam HardyPrieš 23 dienas
  • Why do I keep mistaking you for Nick eh 30?

    Gabrielle BazileGabrielle BazilePrieš 23 dienas
  • Bixby takes a while to get used to, but I've found it easier to use than siri

    Micah Joel GeimerMicah Joel GeimerPrieš 24 dienas
  • i still remember having a 15ish yr old samsung fridge

    mahinur islammahinur islamPrieš 25 dienų
  • He didn’t buy a Samsung car 😂

    Seth SteinerSeth SteinerPrieš 26 dienų
  • If you don't need the microwave... I would be happy to have it

    Martin FilimonovMartin FilimonovPrieš 27 dienų
  • Next Every razer gaming product

    TheKittenGamer__TheKittenGamer__Prieš 27 dienų
  • Samsung car

    DANI BENDANI BENPrieš 27 dienų
  • Imagine buying every apple product you would probably go homeless

    CamelCamelPrieš 29 dienų
  • About 10 years ago, my Korean friend's family lived in a Samsung apartment in Gangnam. Apparently all the appliances in the unit are made by Samsung. But yeah that's a thing.

    LalaLalaPrieš 29 dienų
  • Wait this video was made on my birth day

    Irman playzIrman playzPrieš 29 dienų
  • even Jeff Bezos will struggle with money after buying all of apples products.

    ash sureshkumarash sureshkumarPrieš mėn
  • This is a pretty lame review. Typical dumb Apple user who can't adapt to the Android ecosystem. To make it worse, you didn't even properly prepare for the review like other professional reviewers. No wonder Samsung didn't send you the products.

    MarkMarkPrieš mėn
  • Wheres the fridge?

    RoastedSushiRoastedSushiPrieš mėn
  • i think next you should do hitachisuplies

    casper brookcasper brookPrieš mėn
  • to be fair every is a big word and he also said " every product I can find"

    ProGamerYTProGamerYTPrieš mėn
  • why you need gps on microwave

    antotizwellantotizwellPrieš mėn
  • Bro I fucking love Samsung, its apple's competitor so they can do what apple does better

    Sypheur27Sypheur27Prieš mėn

    Harry MurphyHarry MurphyPrieš mėn
  • I'm watching this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20, with my Galaxy Buds lol

    FzN GHOSTFzN GHOSTPrieš mėn
  • Samsung makes way too many products and you didn't even buy 1% of what Samsung makes. You'd need around 400,000-$500,000 in order to buy every Samsung product. Samsung has a 8K tv that costs over $100,000 after taxes by itself.

    Robert AdamsRobert AdamsPrieš mėn
  • ew

    Brightwolf MasterBrightwolf MasterPrieš mėn
  • Im dont mean anything but Austin loves Apple and not that much Samsung but he will get use too it

    jakub dudkajakub dudkaPrieš mėn
  • Simpsung

    Ninety Nine BallonsNinety Nine BallonsPrieš mėn
  • He is going to have a full smart house

    Terrance STerrance SPrieš mėn
  • He didn't buy a Samsung Smart Fridge!!

    Vedant Sawale VIII B 32Vedant Sawale VIII B 32Prieš mėn
  • I was wondering can u guys make a tv

    Neri SerranoNeri SerranoPrieš mėn
  • You know that samsung heavy industries makes ships right but you don t have those

  • @samsung

    Anime_RobloxPlayzAnime_RobloxPlayzPrieš mėn
  • I live close to Bixby drive and when we passed there I noticed a person taking a microwave and I did not notice you guys

    Dragon King the firstDragon King the firstPrieš mėn
  • Dyson hot and cold s shaking rn

    Ghosty AnimatesGhosty AnimatesPrieš mėn
  • Do it with apple

    Yash VloggerYash VloggerPrieš mėn
  • Austin should have started with "Hello, I'm rich!"

    coaciacoaciaPrieš mėn
  • That is some cool stuff!

    Beast CubestBeast CubestPrieš mėn
  • Austin : I brought all Samsung products Burj Khalifa : Am i Joke to you

    Kaushal CreationKaushal CreationPrieš mėn
  • how about the washer?

    FryingRonaldFryingRonaldPrieš mėn
  • Android is better lol and when you put the pen in put it in the holder first then close it lol and what does apple have you get one apple product and everything else has to be apple with Samsung just mix and match?

    Stephen NewellStephen NewellPrieš mėn
  • Samsung smart fridge😎

    Ahmad BilalAhmad BilalPrieš mėn
  • I feel like you guys complain about the smallest things lol idk if it’s just me because I’m pretty poor so this is HD stuff to me I have a 8 year old ps3 and I’m only getting a new good tv with Cold War and a ps4

    Paul BeckhamPaul BeckhamPrieš mėn
  • Well hey, be glad you didn't buy all of Apple's products, which would've bankrupted you instantly

    Mico Carlo Adrian RuizMico Carlo Adrian RuizPrieš mėn
  • 👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻

    Holvin GarciaHolvin GarciaPrieš mėn
  • He likes Scott the woz

    Holvin GarciaHolvin GarciaPrieš mėn
  • Austin not realising samsung makes cargo ships and tanks

    nur eine flaggenur eine flaggePrieš mėn
  • My active 2 just died...

    ExpertyseExpertysePrieš mėn
  • shame

    HjupsitryHjupsitryPrieš mėn
  • i dont like i phone

    Dahen Raman G 3ADahen Raman G 3APrieš mėn
  • I found Linus's long lost brother

    NoVaNoVaPrieš mėn
  • And the still said no

    macaroniandgamer 4856macaroniandgamer 4856Prieš mėn
  • now do this with lg products

    Team BerserkionTeam BerserkionPrieš mėn
  • And get fire again Get it note 7

    Jepoy AquinoJepoy AquinoPrieš mėn
  • know you need a trailer house

    Roy KaldahlRoy KaldahlPrieš mėn
  • They said NAW

    Rome HarveyRome HarveyPrieš mėn
  • Its seems like you're missing the self propelled artillery

    Devils LeekDevils LeekPrieš mėn
  • apple is the best

    William TurnerWilliam TurnerPrieš mėn
  • Bixby sucks so bad I don't know why people use it anymore

    Quantum cool 2Quantum cool 2Prieš mėn
  • Who came here to find their own device?

    Arihant TomarArihant TomarPrieš mėn
  • When you wear Airpods, everyone is like "ugh, a rich man"

    TFEC RamoTFEC RamoPrieš mėn
  • You can return everything back and get your money back lol

    Bloop BlahBloop BlahPrieš mėn
  • Ew

    Carlos RuizCarlos RuizPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • i got the tool referens

    Al StuartAl StuartPrieš 2 mėnesius