The BEST of CES 2020

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The TINY Razer Tomahawk:
a 360 FPS ROG monitor:
AMD's Ryzen is a HUGE step forward for 2020:
The ridiculous PC with a full PS4 Pro built in:
My walkthrough of the Toyota Woven City: Toyota/status/1214607114435325952
The 4K 160Hz LG UltraGear 27GN950:

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  • 2020 and he said hey guys this is Austin

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  • Amazon: give me money... Austin: I’m a husk

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  • men your glasses lens you take them from hubble telescope ?????

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  • 8:28

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  • We want some of this high-tech also on our planet !

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  • I was super disappointed with the Insta-360 interface and software.. I sold my crap after a month

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  • its not the duet, its the dsi xxxxl

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  • im sorry but I thought KSI's forehead was big... I was wrong...

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  • Heyy guys, this is austin.. boring!!!

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  • you activated my alexa like 6 times

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  • Conversation converter ,and power point. (Fantasy, and good joke ).Alexander..

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  • Laptop 's and the wrote to Austin.

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  • The massages (Austin )PlayStation five talk,or???????Deportation and we have seen Austin. (Fantasy )..Pancakes, and butter. Hamburger's. YEA.

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  • is the background beat Nascar by roddie rich?

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  • I have been clickbaited by Austin!!!

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  • Why !! Why!!! 300hz on a laptop.

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  • Let me choose ur sim racing equipment!

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  • good day people, do you know when the series AMD RYZEN 4000s will be on latin market?

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  • 4:50 credits to the dude playing minecraft

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  • The Dell Duet is like the 3DS

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  • 1200 dollars for a fucking computing module has Razer dipped their balls in hot sauce and huffed jenkum

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  • Out of everything you could’ve compared scales with.... you used a banana

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  • First

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  • Loving the Paladins gameplay at 5:15

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  • Me: sees ps5 in thumbnail Aistin: I lost my voice

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  • Omg he is so much better ces 2020 youtuber now.

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  • IS this an advert? Or is it supposed to be journalism? Either way. It's so bizarre, like I'm not sure if this guy is trying to parody tech reviewers...

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  • Austin cool video and your outfit looks good

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  • The end of the video made me smile not gonna lie.

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  • Hey guys this is Tyson

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  • Thanks for saying Alexa like 20 times

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  • when austin said "specifically you" it was liike he was staring into my soul

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  • You should build a fanetec racing sim

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  • Explain what's wrong with ps5 logo?

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  • Not a single samsung thing

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  • So im not as knowledgeable able about computers but Im guessing Hertz has to do with fps or color?

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    • It's the same thing as fps, basically

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  • Could you plz send me a PS4 you made ultimate plz

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  • I thought that was logic for a sec..

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  • OH MY GOD. That Razer PC could sell for so much with that banana duct taped to it.

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  • 4 million subs do a pc giveaway

  • 2:54 hey, thats MY pc!

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  • Great video broo sorry about your voice

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  • Hey Austin! It was nice meeting you at CES. Thanks for being so chill and taking a picture with me and my brother! :)

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  • i clicked on the video because there was a psp on thumbnail. but wtf? im gone.

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  • U know uv made it when I sponsored by amazon / amazon alex for that

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  • hEy gUyS thIs iS aUstIn compilation when

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  • Austin has finally become a man

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  • Sees Paladins on CES 2020 *Confused happy Screams*

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  • Need help: I stream on twitch with streamlabs obs and the stream always lags (my internet is 93 downlouds 1 ping, so not internet problems)

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  • the thumbnail is the ps5 and the video didn't even show the ps5!

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    • btw Subscribe to Derpxdxz on youtube

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  • rn im using a HP Compaq Elite 8300 SFF its an ok pc but i wish i had a gaming pc :(

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  • Hey you should try out the Samsung Galaxy e10/e20

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  • 7:43 - Dude in the background can’t box for sh*t

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  • _ - * words * - _

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  • Did Austin hit puberty

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  • CES was huge this year

  • i want gtx2080ti please

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  • Congratulation Austin for 4M Subs! Keep going, I love your videos!

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  • Hey 👋 can you plz help me out with my gaming setup please

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  • Congrats on 4 mil btw

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  • The “ hi dint see u there “ sounded reaallll familiar 😏

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  • One plus concept one with disappearing cameras.. Me:WOW!!! Also Me:WHY??

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  • Alexa will become the most unpopular girl name in this century.

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  • You are building a sim racing rig , because you saw some screens ? Wtf , its 2020, try racing sims in VR , flat screen racing is something that we should leave in the past ( I am talking about enthusiast builds , not casual racers )

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  • No amd? 🙄🙄

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  • $1200 lol

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  • Why does it say cc under his videos

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  • 2:02 Oh I didn't see you there Has a mic in his hand 🤦

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    • I know but still

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    • Zulu it’s a joke

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  • Skynet will start in Toyota city

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  • 7:45 watch out Austin, someone is boxing behind you

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  • How did Mia Khalifa taste? Lol

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  • Damn you were sponsored by Toyota and amazon that’s so dope

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  • Anyone a NM local

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  • 7:26 it's literally just a big DS 😂

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  • Congrats on 4 million subscribers!

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  • Best highlight video

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  • Hey guys this is Austin, I wanted to now about any good gaming headset thx

  • clickbait, YOU FORGOT ABOUT PS5 OR WHAT?

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  • Oh, okay. Let's just ignore the Most Popular CES technology.....VR

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  • All I heard was that next gen consoles gonna be damn solid

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  • Man your videos are fun but cringe at the same time.

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  • You can put a banana on it? Insert take my money meme here.

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  • 300hz in 1080P looks horrible and more for pro gamers who dont care about looks and enjoying the game ! I want the current 4K technology with 144hz and HDR 1400 nits !!!! Who the hell wants to play in old technology 1080P or 1440P when you have great current technology !!!

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  • I love my echo show 8

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  • CES was really boring this year or at least it feels like that.

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